All services include an in depth, recorded performance checklist left behind with furnace.

Why Service your home's heating system?

  • Extend the life of your furnace/boiler.
  • Avoid breakdowns at the worst times.
  • Save money and energy.
  • Keep your home as comfortable as your system was designed to deliver.
  • Keep your furnace/boiler within the manufacturer warranty requirements.

Whats included in your 30-Point Service

  1. Clean Furnace/Boiler
  2. Clean, check, adjust pilots
  3. Check thermocouple
  4. Check fan belts
  5. Check amperage draw of motors
  6. Check filters
  7. Check high and low voltage wiring
  8. Inspect all accessories
  9. Inspect exhaust flue
  10. Inspect inducer housing for cracks
  11. Inspect burners
  12. Inspect heat exchanger
  13. Test for gas leaks
  14. Test for carbon monoxide
  15. Ensure proper combustion air
  16. Test high-limit/auxiliary limit switches
  17. Test pressure switch
  18. Test proper gas pressure
  19. Test ignitor resistance
  20. Ensure for proper fan speed
  21. Test motor capacitor MFD
  22. Clean pressure switch barb
  23. Clean flame sensor/thermocouple
  24. Check filter
  25. Check air flow (evaporator coil cleanliness)
  26. Check cleanliness of blower fan
  27. Clean blower and burner compartments
  28. Test temperature rise across furnace
  29. Test CFM before and after furnace (installation/duct size test)
  30. Make final operation test

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