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Hot Water Heater Repair in Wheaton IL

For water heater replacement and repair in Wheaton, OneStop Pro has the most skilled technicians available to install any type of water heating system available.

Waking up in the morning only to find there is no hot water to take a nice shower is no fun. When that occurs, it is usually due to the water heater no longer working. We, at OneStop Pro, understand how inconvenient this can be, so we do all we can to get to you quickly and repair your water heater. We are a Wheaton-based plumbing company that has always been highly praised. We don’t like the idea of making you wait, and this is why we always get to you on time. Our company is all about quality and professionalism, offering water heater repair services for the residents of Wheaton, IL, at the most affordable prices.

If your water heater needs repair, do not hesitate to take advantage of our exceptional services in Wheaton, IL, and surrounding areas. No water heater repair job is too big or small. Our specialists are ready to come and help you with any issue you may have and get your water heater working again.

From electric to gas, tankless to hybrid heat-pumps, OneStop Pro will work hard to make sure the job is done right! Call OneStop Pro for expert water heater repair at 630-733-9000 to schedule service with our top-rated plumbers!

Our team can repair all water heaters, regardless of the issue. For example:

Most residential properties and business premises have a water heater in place. Sometimes these water heaters may run into issues that need solving promptly. We, at OneStop Pro, can take care of the typical problems you can incur with your water heater, including:

Gas Water Heater Repair

Is your gas heater not working as expected? If so, make sure you check the pilot light first. All you might have to do is follow the instructions located inside the water heater and relight the pilot. If you see that the issue persists after doing so, then it might be the case of needing a new thermocouple.

When it comes to gas water heaters, only licensed professionals should be servicing them since they will be dealing with gas. You must get someone who is professionally trained to help. Gas leakage may lead to an explosion, so your qualified professional will have to know how to deal with the situation promptly. Gas needs to be shut off and then turned back on once the pilot light is lit. We, at OneStop Pro, have experienced and qualified technicians who can install and repair gas water heaters in a professional manner, without putting you and your family in danger.

Electric Water Heater Repair

Electric water heaters are different from gas heaters since they utilize power heating elements that are responsible for making water warm. If all of a sudden, you experience hot water loss, the first thing you might want to do is ensure that the circuit breaker is still switched on. Without power, the heating elements will not work. If after checking the circuit breaker the issue persists, then your heating elements may need replacing, and we, at OneStop Pro, would be more than happy to help.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

Some heaters are more durable than others and will last for a while. But after several years, it’s not uncommon to experience significant problems with your water heater that make repairing the unit no longer worth it or convenient. It may be better in this case just to invest in a new one if you’re experiencing these types of issues on an ongoing basis because they’ll only get worse over time–sooner or later there could come up something expensive enough where repairs won’t help anymore at all anyway!

Give our Wheaton plumbers a call if you notice:

Rusty water – Water heaters contain metal parts that may corrode. When this happens, rust will seep into your water. This is one of those situations that indicate you need a new unit.

Old water heater – Based on the level of maintenance you provide to your water heater, its lifespan may range between 8 to 12 years. After 12 years you may want to look into getting a new water heater.

Leaks – Water heaters can crack and leak. A clear sign that this might have happened is if you see lots of water around your water heater.

Not enough hot water – Water heaters come in different sizes, so it is important to pick one based on how big your household is. If you always find yourself without hot water, then it might be time to replace your water heater, so that you always get enough hot water for the entire family.

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If you require water heating systems repair or simply need a new installation, feel free to contact OneStop Pro at 630-733-9000. Rest assured that our well-trained plumbers will help you and your family with any water heater issues you may encounter.

Let our team of professional plumbers assist you. Get in touch to schedule a water heater repair service in Wheaton. Call OneStop Pro at 630-733-9000 – our professionals will help you with all your water heater needs in Wheaton.


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