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Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair

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Imagine this: you wake up in the morning to wash your face and brush your teeth, but when it’s time for a shower, there suddenly is no hot water left. You’re still exhausted from work the day before and don’t have enough energy to take an ice-cold bath instead! That can be so frustrating! Luckily, at OneStop Pro, we offer tankless water heaters that will save you from this pain by providing instant on-demand hot water. At OneStop Pro, we provide both installations and repairs in Wheaton, IL. We have been in business for many years and truly care about our customers.

At OneStop Pro, we offer installations, maintenance, and repairs for tankless water heaters. Whether you’re looking to maintain your current model or are considering an upgrade from your old water heater, our tankless experts can help you find the best solution to fit your home. Call OneStop Pro for expert water heater repair at 630-733-9000 to schedule service with our top-rated plumbers!

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Installation

We understand how difficult it can be to pick between a tankless water heater or a traditional one. However, there are a few benefits that tankless water heaters provide which might help you make a decision:

What Is The Average Lifespan of an On-Demand Tankless Water Heater?

It’s difficult to say how long a tankless water heater will last. It varies depending on the brand and model, but the general rule is that they should last between 10 to 20 years. Some can last even longer! Of course, maintenance is critical, so this will have a significant impact on how long your tankless water heater will last. The quality of the water and how frequently the water heater is used both have an impact on the lifespan of your tankless water heater.

Typical Issues You May Experience With On-Demand Water Heaters

Although on-demand water heaters are a great addition to your home, there are some things you may want to consider before scheduling your installation:

COST: On-demand water heaters cost more than traditional heaters. A larger initial investment is required, but you will save money on energy costs in the long run, making the investment worthwhile.

INSTALLATION: Installing a tankless water heater requires extensive work and expertise. This is why you need to ensure the installation is only done by trustworthy professionals.

BUILDUP: The system requires flushing every six months. Failing to do so may result in corrosion and mineral buildup.

OVERLOAD: Product overload might happen if the heater is not correctly sized for its intended use.

If you require tankless water heater repair or simply need a new on-demand water heater installed, feel free to contact OneStop Pro at 630-733-9000. Rest assured that our well-trained plumbers will help you and your family with any water heater issues you may encounter.

Let our team of professional plumbers assist you. Get in touch to schedule a water heater repair service in Wheaton. Call OneStop Pro at 630-733-9000 – our professionals will help you with all your water heater needs in Wheaton.


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