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Pump Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Are you looking for experienced professionals to install or repair a sump or ejector pump in your Wheaton, IL, home? Call OneStop Pro now at 630-733-9000. Don’t let flooding turn your home into a nightmare!

When it comes to plumbing, word of mouth is key in order to expand the customer base. At OneStop Pro, we have countless satisfied customers who can’t stop raving about our service. We are proud to have earned a reputation as one of the best plumbers in Wheaton! We’re not just another business looking for new clients; every single member of our team wants nothing less than complete customer satisfaction with each completed job.

pump installation and repair

OneStop Pro is your trusted local plumbing contractor, featuring only experienced technicians who can solve your pump installation and repair needs. Call OneStop Pro at 630-733-9000 to request an estimate from our top-rated plumbers!

Flooding In Your Home

Homes that are subject to frequent flooding can be a major hassle. Not only will they constantly undergo water damage, but the risk of harmful bacteria and mold growth is high too! Flooding is often caused by inadequate drainage, and heavy rainfall can really make things worse. It’s easy to ignore the problem of flooding as long as you don’t see any visible signs of it. However, the longer you put off fixing the issue, the more severe and costly it will be when you finally decide that enough is enough.

Sump Pump Installation In Your Home

If you have a basement in your home, then you know that it’s the perfect place to store all of your extra stuff. But if water ever gets into your basement, then all of those items are going to get ruined. A sump pump is a device that pumps water away from your home, and it should be installed by professional contractors to make sure they work properly.

Hydrostatic pressure can cause flooding around the foundation; this type of pressure builds up when there’s too much moisture in the soil surrounding your property. Sump pumps help reduce hydrostatic pressure by pumping some of the excess groundwater out so you don’t have problems with anything like leaks or mold growth near those cracks in your foundation caused by excessive ground contact!

Clay-rich soil is slow to drain water, so a sump basin may be needed. This will prevent the ground from flooding and radon gas infiltrating your home.

Sewage Ejector Pump Services

A sewage ejector pump is an important safety feature to incorporate into the basement in order for it to be functional. If you have a laundry room, bathroom, wet bar, or kitchen in your basement, then chances are that there will also be a sewage ejector pump installed. A sewage ejector pumps’ main function is to ensure proper drainage when any sink or toilet drains get lower than the sewer line itself!

When your sewage ejector pump stops working, you need to get it repaired or replaced right away. If the basement toilet is clogged and overflowing, water can seep into your electrical system and cause a fire hazard. The longer you wait to call a plumber for help with sewage ejector pump repair or replacement, the more likely it is that serious damage will occur in your home.

We, at OneStop Pro, offer professional service at affordable prices! Whether you’re looking for simple repairs on an existing sewage ejector pump or want to upgrade to a new, more efficient model, we can help! We are ready to help at any time of the day or night!

Typical Sewage Ejector Pump Issues

Sewage ejector pumps are necessary to discharge wastewater from your basement. If you want the job done right, make sure that a professional plumber installs the right sewage ejector pump for your needs and sizes it correctly.

Adding a bathroom to your home can be such an exciting change. One thing that many people overlook is installing sewage ejector pumps correctly. The most common problem with these systems is an improper installation by plumbers who are looking for shortcuts! If you’re remodeling your bathroom, make sure only qualified professionals do the job correctly from day one.

Let our experts at OneStop Pro take care of all your needs today. We can take care of all your sewage ejector pump problems in a professional and timely manner!

Adding A Backup Sump Pump System

Sump pumps will only prevent your property from flooding if the energy source that drives the motor is not interrupted while it is in operation. During a strong rainstorm that results in a power outage, your lovely home may be just as exposed to water damage as if you did not have a sump pump installed at all.

As a result, we frequently advise that each new sump pump installation includes a backup power supply source. This ensures that your sump pump will be able to tackle anything that comes its way in the event of a power outage or a fuse blowing.

Whenever your home experiences a power failure, your standard sump pump cannot operate. This is why we always recommend you get an emergency battery backup system. There are a variety of battery backup systems available, some of which are cheaper than others but do not have enough pumping capacity and battery life. Call us now to learn more.

OneStop Pro is the Wheaton-based plumbing company you can trust. We have extremely competitive prices, provide high-quality services, and are available 24/7. Speak to one of our experts to get a free estimate on your new laundry, sump or ejector pumps installation. Call us for any installation, maintenance, or repair needs!

Keep your home dry with sump pump repair and replacement services. We’re Wheaton’s top-rated plumber! Call our experts today at at 630-733-9000 to schedule pump repair or installation with our top-rated plumbers!


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