Indoor Air Quality Solutions

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Did you know that HVAC systems are not only beneficial to keep your home cool, but they are also great at maintaining high-quality air? This is extremely important because poor indoor air quality comes with severe consequences such as asthma attacks, allergies, sickness, etc.

Understanding what causes poor quality air in your home can be tricky, but worry not! OneStop Pro is here to help. Our HVAC professionals in Wheaton, IL, can identify the root cause of poor air quality and recommend the best solutions for your needs. Breathing will be easier than ever before!

We, at OneStop Pro, understand the importance of clean air. We are here to improve the air quality of your home so that you will no longer have to pay the consequences of living in a place where air quality is poor. Our experts will provide you all the recommendations and services you need for your heating and cooling equipment so that you and your family can stay healthy for many years to come!

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Here are some of the solutions we offer when it comes to air quality issues:

Filters We Recommend

Central heating and cooling systems’ fans provide a great way to improve your air quality. What this fan does is sucking air via a return vent. A filter, which requires replacement on a regular basis, covers the vent. Smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants are kept out of your home. It is crucial to change the filter when needed, or it won’t be as effective in keeping your air clean.

It is also vital to have the correct filter for your system. An incorrect filter will result in higher energy bills as the filter will take longer to get rid of the debris. At OneStop Pro, we can assist you in selecting the correct filter for your system so that it always filters pollutants in the most efficient way.

Installation of UV Air Scrubber

Do you need an ultraviolet air scrubber installed instead? We can help! Ultraviolet air scrubbers are best suited for homes that have a high concentration of humidity. Perhaps you live near a lake, have mold issues, or constantly deal with poor airflow. Whatever the reason, you don’t want your family to suffer from allergies or other health issues!

UV air scrubbers blast light that comes via your return vent with ultraviolet radiation. This light is capable of neutralizing bacteria, mold, and airborne viruses. Once neutralized, these get filtered out, leaving your indoor air clean again.

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