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Boiler Maintenance Services

If you are looking for a boiler specialist in Wheaton, we are here for you! Don’t risk being cold this winter. Schedule your yearly inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, and enjoy your warm cozy home!

Boiler systems are complex and require a lot of maintenance to keep them in good working order. When there is no regular boiler maintenance, the system can break down at any time and cause significant problems for your home. The consequences of not taking care of your boiler system include high repair costs due to breakdowns and loss of heating during the winter months. If you want to avoid these costly consequences associated with a boiler failure, you must take preventative measures by performing regular boilers inspection and maintenance.


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Save Money with Regular Boiler Maintenance

boiler maintenance service will help avoid major problems by ensuring that everything is running smoothly before things start going wrong. Our team checks every part of your boiler system and radiant heating from top to bottom so that we can identify potential issues early on. If something does go wrong with any part of the system, we have replacement parts ready so that we can fix it quickly and easily.

Your boiler system is one of the most important parts of your home. It can be very expensive to run inefficiently, especially in the long term. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your boiler is one thing that will keep your boiler run efficiently for many years to come. Installing a new boiler to replace your old inefficient one can also help keep your heating and cooling system costs down.

A zone control system is another excellent way to save on heating and cooling costs because it allows you to heat or cool only the rooms used at any given time.

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Boiler Safety

Steam boiler explosions can occur when not maintained properly. If you have a hot water or steam boiler at home, it is important to ensure that your pressure relief valve is checked annually. A clogged or broken pressure relief valve can cause your boiler to explode and release steam. This is not only dangerous but also expensive! Don’t risk putting yourself and your family in danger!

When it comes to boilers, combustion areas, safety devices, and leaks, these all need to be regularly inspected. All areas should be cleaned to get rid of flammable material and debris.

When your boiler is due maintenance or repair, you need a skilled technician to take care of it without delay. Our team of licensed technicians has years of experience working with boilers in homes just like yours, so we know how to provide excellent boiler maintenance, repair, and installation. If you live in Wheaton, do not hesitate to contact us!

We have created a Priority Maintenance Check List so that you always know what needs to be checked to make your boiler run efficiently and safely.



  • Check the gauge water level
  • Ensure high limit control and operating control are in working order

Once a Week

  • Inspect air damper
  • Ensure valve operation on the gas train is working as expected
  • Check the draft controllers

Once a Month

  • Check flame detection controls
  • Test boiler system’s limiter controller
  • Inspect the cooler operation and blowdown separator
  • Check for buildup at the bottom of the boiler

Once a Year

  • Dismantle, clean, and inspect the burners and boiler settings
  • Check for dirt, corrosion, and electrical safety in low water cut-off and auxiliary low water cut-off
  • Check the entire system for leaks in the joints and piping

We Are Wheaton’s Experts in Boiler Maintenance

OneStop Pro is here to help with our boiler maintenance service and preventative care checks. Our expert technicians will come out and perform a thorough inspection of your heating system, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and safely. You will get an honest assessment of how well-maintained your equipment is and what repairs may need to be done soon to keep everyone safe in your home or business.

Call OneStop Pro now and book your boiler maintenance service in Wheaton.

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