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Wheaton Boiler Installation and Replacement

If you are looking for top-notch boiler installation in Wheaton, IL, call OneStop Pro! Let us replace your old boiler and give you peace of mind throughout the winter.

Residential boilers are one of the most reliable home heating systems. They’re also easy to maintain and can last for decades with proper care. Furthermore, they don’t have as many moving mechanics as furnaces and heat pumps, making breakdowns less likely.

It is crucial to keep up with routine maintenance on your boiler. A well-maintained boiler can last for years longer than one that isn’t maintained. Even if you do maintain your boiler, it will stop working at some point and require replacement.


Looking for the best boiler installation company in Wheaton or the surrounding communities? Call OneStop Pro at 630-733-9000 to schedule service with our top-rated boiler technicians!

Why Should I Replace My Boiler System?


Old boilers are inefficient and run at 500 degrees. Newer systems, which use a 3-pass system, only heat the water to 300-350 degrees consuming less electricity and saving money. Opting for boiler replacement would be your best option in this case. However, it should not cause any stress to you or your family. That is why we offer free estimates, financing options, and we’re licensed and insured so that replacing your boiler doesn’t become a problem as it does with other companies out there.

Unusual Sounds

If you’re experiencing abnormal sounds coming from your boiler, it could signify that the unit requires replacement. Boilers usually are very quiet, and any noise out of the ordinary should be taken seriously. If you haven’t maintained your boiler regularly and strange noises occur, make sure you seek expert advice.

Fewer Repairs

Boiler systems are expensive to repair, not to mention the stress of having your boiler break down, causing you extra money out of pocket for repairs. A new boiler system can reduce or eliminate these issues and save you hundreds if not thousands on costly repairs.

OneStop Pro will come in and install a brand new high-efficiency boiler system that is guaranteed to last 15 years with no additional costs over the unit’s life span! We have an excellent reputation within our community as one of the best companies for all heating needs.

Let OneStop Pro install your new boiler! Call 630-733-9000 now to speak to one of our Wheaton experts.

Is It Time to Replace My Boiler System?

Knowing if your boiler or natural gas radiant heating system is malfunctioning can save you from being without heating when you need it the most. Some signs require an immediate inspection from an expert in the field. When a boiler suddenly stops working, this clearly shows that it is time to replace it. When such problems occur, don’t wait until matters get worse. Call OneStop Pro for immediate inspection. Other signs you should look out for:

Abnormal sounds: As time goes by, your boiler will start showing age signs, including odd Not all noises are a cause of panic, but it is always best to call a OneStop Pro technician to come to your home and check your boiler.

High Natural Gas Bills: A higher-than-usual energy bill can be a sign of a broken-down boiler system. Maintaining your boiler regularly can make your boiler last for 10 to 15 years, but it may be time for a replacement if your boiler is older than that.

Leaking: Multiple leaks are the result of an aging boiler, meaning that it is probably time to replace it.

Call OneStop Pro For Expert Boiler System Installation

Boilers are complex systems that require the work of an expert HVAC technician. At OneStop Pro, we have the experience, knowledge, skills, tools, and certifications necessary to provide you with both boiler installation and repair in Wheaton.

At OneStop Pro, we’ve invested in the latest technology and training so our technicians can install your new boiler safely and efficiently. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our installations because we know that once you see what we do for your home or business, you’ll be glad you chose us! If you want a team with experience and skills, OneStop Pro provides this through top-notch boiler system installation and replacement services in Wheaton.

Call OneStop Pro now for boiler installation and replacement in Wheaton, IL!

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