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Standby Commercial Generators and Portable Backup Power Solutions for Wheaton Area Businesses

Are you looking for a way to keep your business running in the event of a power outage? A commercial backup generator is a significant investment, and you must choose the right one. You don’t want to be caught without power when customers need you most. That is why we offer power generators that can assist your business in never missing out on another opportunity due to lack of power.

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What Exactly Is a Commercial Power Generator?

Power generators provide backup electricity during power failures. Fuel such as diesel, gasoline, or natural gas is turned into mechanical energy, which in turn is converted into electrical power. A standby generator is a perfect solution for any business that wants to protect its employees and customers from unexpected power outages. They are the best way to ensure your business never incurs downtime.

Power generators are designed to provide a smooth transition between your primary power source and a backup power source without any noticeable change in service or interruption of your electrical supply.

Here is why businesses should have a backup power generator in place:

What Commercial Power Generators Types Are Available?

Portable Generators

Portable commercial generators offer a limited electricity supply, so they’re perfect for powering essentials such as refrigerators, lights, and a few computers. It’s important to note that they must be started manually and only provide limited amounts of power at once. They can only provide enough electricity for two to four outlets, so it’s important to know what will be powered before purchasing one. An electrician can wire a portable business generator into a subpanel or connect it to appliances through extension cords.

These generators need to be placed 10 feet away from your business. They also need to be away from doors and windows and in an open space to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are great because they run on natural gas or propane and provide more steady energy output than portable models. They are also quieter during operation since there aren’t any engine noises like those generated by portable units. However, they are more expensive than their portable counterparts and necessitate the installation of a subpanel, a transfer switch, and hardwiring, all of which must be done by a licensed electrical contractor.

Issues You May Encounter With Your Generator

Generators need routine servicing and maintenance. For the most part, you will need to call an electrician to service your commercial generator for one of the reasons listed below:

Battery Failure – This is the number one reason that people call on for power generator service. A sulfate buildup on the battery terminals, open cells, shorts, or charger failure could lead to a battery failure.

Low Coolant – Coolant leaks and clogs can cause a generator to overheat and fail.

Faulty Block Heater – The running frequency of block heaters leads to breakdowns, and the consequent failure causes a low coolant temperature alarm to be triggered.

Wet Stacking – Over-fueled engines with excess unburned gasoline, acids, etc., will get damaged due to carbon build-up.

Controls Not in “Auto” – This just indicates that the power generator was not turned off, and it is possible that it is not acting as the primary control switch. Human mistakes, open breakers, improperly reset alarms or switchgear, and more can cause this.

Air in the Fuel System – With no regular use, air can enter the fuel lines, preventing injectors from firing. Weekly inspections can alleviate this situation.

Out of Fuel – To keep the fuel system from drawing in air, generators immediately shut down whenever they run out of fuel.

Breaker Trip – Ensure that no one has inadvertently pressed the emergency shut-off button by checking the condition of the automatic transfer switch (ATS). You should never attempt to manually activate this switch if you are unsure of how to do so because doing so could result in severe harm or death.

Warning! Do not connect your generator to a regular wall outlet. Backfeeding is the term used to describe this scenario. It is dangerous to do this without isolating your business from the grid by shutting off the main breaker. Otherwise, you risk sending power ban into the grid, which may hurt or kill utility maintenance specialists.

OneStop Pro offers thorough inspections of your commercial generator, so you know exactly what condition it’s in and how much longer it will last. Our team has years of experience inspecting these generators for businesses just like yours, so we know exactly what needs to be done to keep them running smoothly.

Trusted Commercial Generator Installation

Accurately calculating wattage ensures that your system isn’t overloaded when it first boots up. The calculation depends on the generator’s manufacturer and the equipment you need to power. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to calculate the amount of electricity required for a smooth operation.

To safely set up wiring, your generator should be plugged into the transfer switch and wired directly to your business’s service panel by a skilled electrician. This protects your generator by disconnecting you from the power grid and ensuring only specific circuits are used, eliminating the risk of power overloads, fire, backfeeding, and other problems. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs more often because people install their portable generators poorly.

We Can Assist With All Commercial Generator Installations and Repairs

OneStop Pro is the premier electrical company for commercial generators. We can install your perfect generator to ensure all your emergency power needs are fulfilled to get your business to be back to normal. Our professionals are available online or by phone at 630-733-9000.

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