HVAC Systems and System Upgrades

Technology available to homeowners has greatly improved over the last few years, allowing for greater comfort and efficiency that was not even available in the high end systems of previous years. Below are several upgrades to systems that allow for a home be as customizable as your car comfort system.

Wheaton Ductless AC Installation

ductless mini-split systems

Popular in Europe for decades, mini-split systems are rapidly rising in popularity in the states. Incredibly energy efficient and whisper-quiet, these systems allow for simple and effective cooling solutions.

Variable Speed Air Coditioning

iNVERTER TECHNOLOGY AND variable speed motors

Variable speed and inverter technology is, in a nutshell, the ability of systems to transfer AC to DC electric, and control equipment on an infinite range of power, as opposed to standard one-speed systems.

Smart Zoning HVAC System in Wheaton

smart zoning

Zoning in an HVAC system is the installation of electronically controlled dampers that allow air to different areas of your ductwork. Each "zone" has a thermostat in its space, telling a central control unit when to send the air from the HVAC system to it. Some systems are smart enough to take air from a cold room and move it to a warmer room, without running the AC or the gas in your furnace. Coupled with variable speed motors, this option allows for the most customized home comfort available.