Wheaton Furnace Tune Up and Home Wellness Check

OneStop Pro
Home Sweet Home Wellness Check

Now including Free Furnace Precision Tune-Up!

A Worry-Free Guarantee, Whole Home Wellness Check and a FREE Furnace Maintenance!?!

All for $99

Don't let the $249 savings pass! Let OneStop Pro prepare your home against winter! Save money on painful repairs, high utility bills, and time worrying! Our worry-free guarantee is your money back if anything we OK'd breaks after our Home Sweet Home Wellness Check!

This whole home diagnostic includes:

  • FREE Furnace Precision Tune-Up (Details Below)

  • Water Quality Test

    • Test for chlorine, hardness, iron, bacteria

  • Air Quality Test

    • Test for airborne contaminants

  • Safety Systems Check

    • Check for proper operation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Electrical Systems Safety and Code Check

    • Make sure your home is safe against electrocution

      • Grounding/Bonding

      • Proper function of GFCI and AFCI outlets

    • Make sure your home is safe against fires

      • Correct breaker size

      • Check for overheating circuits

      • Check for aluminum wire in panel

      • Check main breaker panel integrity

    • Education on available technology that can save you money on your electric bill, and protect your home against power surges and losses.

  • Plumbing Systems Safety and Code Check

    • Make sure your home is safe against flooding

      • Check backup systems

      • Check condition of water heater

      • Check condition and running conditions of sump and ejector pumps

      • Check condition of water shutoffs and supply lines

    • Education of water shutoff and detection technology, newly introduced on the market, allowing for immediate shutoff of water when leaks are detected.

  • Foundation Visual Check

    • Visual inspection for cracks and water seepage

  • Insulation Visual Check

    • Visual inspection for proper insulation in attic

  • Furnace Precision Tune-Up

    • Test Temperature Rise

    • Test for correct gas pressure

    • Test motor bearings

    • Test integrity of heat exchanger

    • Test for Carbon Monoxide

    • Test for gas leaks

    • Check flame sensor/ignitor

    • Clean unit

The combined cost of the Home Sweet Home Wellness Check, normally $209, AND the furnace precision tune-up, normally $139, means that you get both for $99, a savings of $249!