Electric Air Cleaners

Why choose an electric air cleaner over your standard furnace filter?

When it comes to air quality in our homes, it can be just as important as our water quality if not more important.  A lot of airborne particles found in our homes can be smaller than .5 microns, the human eye is only capable of seeing sizes of 7.5 microns or greater.  With that in mind think about how many particles are circulating within your house with your normal furnace filter.  Having an Electric air cleaner installed can stop particles from circulating in your home that are as small as .1 micronsCleanse your home’s air today with an electric air cleaner!


Electric Air Cleaners we install:


Trane cleaneffects

·         Removes up to 99.98% of Airborne Particles

·         Easy to clean filters, rinse or vacuum every 3-9 months (depends on usage)

·         Quiet operation

·         No replacement filters needed


Honeywell F300

·         Removes up to 99% of Airborne Particles

·         No filter replacements needed

·         Clean filter every 6-12 months (Recommended)

·         Quiet operation


Aprilaire 5000

·         Removes up to 98% of Airborne Particles

·         Quiet operation

·         Maintenance is fast and infrequent