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OneStop Pro is determined to deliver the most accurate and effective solutions to all of your air conditioning needs. OneStop offers service charge-free diagnosis in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Winfield, and Carol Stream to leave you the most confidence in our services. You can judge the expertise and commitment of OneStop Pro without a bill for a technician going to your home. We stand behind all of our diagnoses and repairs with a minimum one-year warranty unless otherwise stated (with the exception that adding refrigerant to a leaking system cannot be warrantied).




Common issues with air conditioning systems.

dirty ac filter.jpg

airflow issues

An air conditioning system requires a certain amount of airflow across the evaporator coil above the furnace. If that airflow is restricted, the temperature of the coil will drop below freezing, causing ice to form, further restricting air flow. Restricted airflow not only causes a system to malfunction, but it will cease to cool the area due to the low airflow. These restrictions can be caused by dirty air filters, undersized ductwork (or an oversized system), and fan speed issues. Lack of refrigerant will also cause an evaporator coil to ice up, blocking airflow, causing a two-fold problem. A good idea if ice is forming is to 1. Change the filter, and 2. Run the fan with the AC off, in order to melt the ice. Air conditioning systems can be cycled on and off in this manner to maintain cooling until a repair can be made.

ice on ac.jpg

Refrigerant issues

An air conditioning system should theoretically never lose refrigerant. When a system is installed, there are no leaks that can decrease the refrigerant charge. Over time, small leaks can occur due to corrosion and vibration. If a pound or two of refrigerant has to be added to a system, that means it has leaked out. Usually these leaks can be found. If not, there are products available that can be added to the refrigerant to eliminate the tiny leaks. Finding the leak and repairing it is the better option, if possible. If only a small amount of refrigerant has to be added to the system, there is a good chance you will see ice forming on the pipes of the system as the picture at the left shows.

scroll compressor.jpg

electrical issues

With the exception of refrigeration, the majority of a air conditioning system is electrical.

  • Voltage. If electrical signal is not received from the thermostat or furnace/air handler, the outside unit will not turn on. If the correct voltage is not present at the unit, the same issue will occur. A device called a capacitor is a frequent cause of air conditioning calls.
  • Capacitor. A capacitor causes a higher amperage to jump start the start winding of the compressor. Resistance, or ohm readings across a compressor will tell you if a capacitor is a symptom or the culprit. Sometimes a capacitor going is indicative of the compressor's life shortening. Jump start capacitors can be added in line with the start capacitor to add even more capacitance to the circuit, often drawing a little more life from a compressor. Some people are of the thought that jump start/kick start capacitors should be added to all new installations. 
  • Contactor. A contactor is the device that sends voltage to the system once the thermostat calls for cooling. It is a simple solenoid that is engaged with 24 volts from the furnace. If a contactor is exposed to constant overcurrent conditions, it will become pitted. Pitting on a contactor can not only stop a system from running, it can also decrease a compressor's life, due to the fact that the electric flowing from the utility is encountering a high resistance, therefore increasing the amperage and heat to the compressor and fan.
  • Compressor. If a compressor is grounded or open, it cannot be repaired (in residential scenarios), and must be replaced. A jump start capacitor can sometimes turn a compressor over, but if that is necessary, time is short on the compressor's life.